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Family Breakdown is a traumatic time for everyone involved. This trauma is worse when there is high conflict and children are involved.

Mediation can help you decrease the trauma of family breakdown by helping you and your ex-partner decide how you wish to care for your

children and resolve your property issues before your dispute enters the Courts.

Sue Davies offers impartial and professional family mediation designed to suit your needs.

Your family situation will be assessed for suitability prior to mediation so that we can provide a safe, responsible and just outcome for all partie


In the commercial or workplace setting, professional, efficient and cost-effective dispute resolution is imperative.

Adele Martin provides mediation services to organisations that have conflict or disagreement in relation to contracts. Use of mediation in these

circumstances can see issues resolved quickly, cheaply and to the satisfaction of both parties.

Adele Martin also provides mediation services to companies who have staff members experiencing conflict to facilitate the resolution of the

conflict and bring about an amiable working relationship. 

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